Described as a « coming-of-age story » centered on soccer, the Fold Game manguera series was developed by Mitsuru Adachi. His various other manga series include H2 and Touch. The series was publicized in Weekly Shonen Weekend and was adapted as a 50-episode anime television series. The manga was likewise licensed by Viz Advertising. In Japan, Cross Video game received reviews that are positive and positive feedback from readers. The series was released in 17 tankobon quantities. It was after condensed in to nine quantities by Viz Media.

The series is all about a boy named Ko Kitamura. He lives with his spouse and children in a fictional city named Erima. It really is believed that Erima is based on Tokyo’s Nerima. Nevertheless , the city of Erima does not have any real traditional background and is usually entirely made-up. The series centers relating to the relationships between Ko and his friends and family. The series is a loving comedy with a baseball twist.

The series employs the lives of Ko and his close friends as they try to fulfill their very own friend’s think of playing karate. In the end, Ko and Aoba become nearer as they try to make up for the loss of Wakaba, whom died within an accident. Wakaba a new dream of observing Ko and Aoba perform baseball. Wakaba was born inside the same clinic as Ko. However , Aoba hates Ko for taking her sister from her. The manga series is similar to The Wonder Years. The series is additionally similar to The Normal.